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Today I would like to share some passages of Juliana’s latest blog post. Juliana has founded her first full fledged studio album on IndieGoGo and now reflects on the process of creating (the album specifically but this is general wisdom to me).

„But that’s how we do this, a dance of want to and must do and late nights and early mornings and lots of coffee to make enough time and enough money to get better and get by. An elegant dance, a dance we make up as we go, an awkward dance, a beautiful dance. That’s how these things are built.“

Yeah, somehow you have to work hard as an entrepreneur, harder as anyone else, but then you DO NOT REALLY work hard, because hardship implies the feeling of resistance and being forced. So as Juliana so beautiful describes it is more like a vivid dance, hard if you measure it by amount of energy spend per hour, but elegant in its „flowness“.

She also talks about fear and braveness.

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

Yep, totally true. You can stay in your comfort zone your whole life hoping that no harm will find you. But to strive means to have fear and to have bravery to conquer the undiscovered land.

Also today I read a post on LinkedIn (sort of american Xing…) talking about E2E business. End-to-End. You could also call it C2C. From creator to consumer. Musicians like Juliana Richer Daily. Authors like Joanna Penn. Makers like me eventually. We are of one tribe. Market volume wise we are a tiny fraction but we are growing at a hilarious rate. And nothing is going to stop us 😉

Today I wish you to unleash all the creative power that is within you. Let there be light!

love & light

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